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About us Dongguan Definiti Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.is a high-tech technology enterprise specializing in the field of plastic extrusion, integrating R&D, production and sales. With professional and efficient extrusion control.……
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Work together, win-win cooperation Definiti has established good cooperative relations with many customers, such as Wuhan Xinzhongde Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jinming Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Huashan Plastic……
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Loss-in-weight feeder, loss-in-weight, weighing scale
Product display Mick heavy products can effectively control the weight of the extruder according to the change of traction speed. The loss-in-weight feeder, combined with a high-precision load cell, quickly and accurately detects the output of the extruder, thereby stably controlling the extruder screw and the traction speed to meet the product requirements. The full weight loss feeder adopts high-precision mixing technology and full servo drive control to achieve the ratio of polyester materials with a matching precision of 0.01%. With excellent process technology, the total extrusion can be well controlled. The amount and the weight of the meter. The IBC internal cooling system quickly and accurately controls the speed of the fan to achieve the required width of the product.
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